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I am an Italian-American leo woman raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, born August 19th 1983.

I am a free spirited, open hearted, creative-artistic minded dakini excited to explore the universe! I welcome you to come play with me, I believe this world is an enchanting playground and I give thanks for the ability to create art and give joy in this celebratory dance of life!

I love, and make up a large part of my day with yoga, dancing, acrobatics, cooking/raw foods, gardening, swimming, sunloving, being nude, reading, cleaning, being a nurturing mother, and of course being a nurturing masseuse!

I have been doing massage ever since i was a young child for my family and was trained by an exceptional teacher at the age of 17. Since then I have incorporated my natural sense of pleasure and ecstatically blissful touch to ensure your journey in the heights of enjoyment!


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